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Hello World

Hi curious readers,

I've made a pretty big leap to start my 2016 off... I have opened a guitar studio! Although I have taught guitar lessons for decades, I have never really considered it in a full-fledged professional way, until now.

Background: I actually started teaching lessons at the ripe old age of 12! I don't remember why my guitar instructor thought that I could teach others. Maybe he was booked up and needed someone to take on interested people. Maybe he saw something in me. I don't know. But I was young, and thought "Hey, this might be a way to save up for a car!" In my late teens and through my twenties, I was teaching about 10 students a week. I worked out of Wells Music in Buckingham Square (long since bull dozed) and I met some great people during that time - sweet children, teenagers with a lot of energy, adults who were ready for a challenge, chaplains, art curators... Some I am still in contact with. It has done my heart good to see some of those students grow up to be professional musicians, worship leaders, and composers. It doesn't get much better than that!

Time passed, and we moved from the Aurora area to the north side of metropolitan Denver, and I slowly transitioned to a different lifestyle. Once I started working full time at a church, I began to shift my time and efforts to that job and let my students go. It was about 3 years ago that I began to ask myself how I could raise up others to learn to love to play guitar if I don't make the time to do so. I wanted others to get the satisfaction of discoverying how wonderful guitar playing really is. Now that I have transitioned from my full-time role at a church, I am at a new crossroads where I get to examine my life and what new path is before me. I decided to stick with what I know, but really invest in the process and progress of my students. It will stretch and grow me personally - I am already jazzed at all the possibilities!


You may have a skill or talent that others wished they had. There is personal gratification when you share it with others. You don't have to be the best at "whatever"- just pass it on. That's what makes the world a little brighter.

Happy strumming!



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